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This vertical lift is entirely customized to suit your needs, and is a cost-effective accessibility solution to private and public buildings.


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The Genesis Enclosure Model is a style of vertical platform lift that is an easy and cost-effective accessibility solution for private homes or public buildings. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, this lift can be entirely customized according to your needs. With a variety of colors and finishes for wall panels, door and gates, it can be seamlessly integrated into your building or home. It provides access to up to 4343mm (171").

Main Advantages

  • Modular
  • No shaft construction
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Tactile and illuminated controls
  • Easy grip offset "D" handles
  • 750 lbs weight capacity

Standard Features

The Genesis Enclosure Model wheelchair lift is equipped with many standard features. Some of these features are listed below.
Enclosure Frame/Panels: The frame is constructed of champagne colored anodized aluminum extrusions. The panels for the Enclosure Model are available in 16 gauge galvanized steel painted with fine textured Satin Grey finish.
Doors and Gates: The standard configuration for this model is a full size Garaventa Lift style door at the lower landing. The upper landing may be fitted with a gate or full height door.
Offset D Handle
Door Interlocks
Drive System


Leadscrew Drive with a 2 HP Motor
Hydraulic Drive with a 3 HP Motor - Continuous Mains Power with Auxiliary Power System.
Lifting Height: Seven different lifting heights to a maximum of 4343mm (171").
Platform Controls: Consist of a directional rocker switch with an emergency stop/alarm switch and is key-less.
Manual Emergency Lowering - Hydraulic Model Only: To lower the lift a knob can be pulled to manually open the valve and lower the platform.
Manually Emergency Lowering Hand Wheel - Lead Screw Only: A hand wheel is attached to the lift and is used to manually move the platform to the desired landing in case of a power outage.

Optional Additional Features

Full Time Battery Operation - Hydraulic Model Only
Finishes: Large selection of RAL color finishes
Custom Colors or Exotic Finishes: Custom color matching, wood finishes, Formica, architectural metals or any material not exceeding 1/2" in thickness.
Door and Gates: As an option the door panels can be replaced with bronze tinted or clear Plexiglas or laminated glass by other.
Garaventa Lift Power Door Operator: automatically opens the door/gate when the platform arrives at the landing.
Plexiglas Dome for outdoor applications.
Sloped Roof

Rated Load Standard 750 lbs with a safety factor of 5
Speed Leadscrew - 3 meters (10 ft) per minute at full load
Travel Range Leadscrew - up to 12 feet
Leadscrew Drive System Motor: 2 HP (1750 RPM)
Hydraulic Drive System 3 HP DC (2.2 KW) complete with auxiliary power system
Controls Keyless Controls (No key required for call stations and platform controls)
Power Requirement 120 VAC single phase
Warranty 2 year standard warranty

More Information

Genesis Enclosure Brochure
Genesis Enclosure Planning Guide

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