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Portable Wheelchair Ramps are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from two feet to twelve feet, to accommodate a range of rises. They are heavy-duty, with weight capacities up to 800 pounds, yet ergonomically designed for easy transport and storage. Whether you need temporary wheelchair access or accessibility on the go, portable ramps provide a reliable and affordable solution.

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Portable wheelchair ramps are available in a range of lengths, from two feet to twelve feet.

ADA guidelines dictate that ramps should extend one foot in length for every inch in rise for maximum safety. While residential ramp applications are not governed by ADA guidelines, we recommend staying within or close to the recommended rise to run ratio with your portable ramp to avoid unsafe applications and reduce risk of injury.

Generally, portable ramps are only safe for use with up to two steps, depending on the height of the steps.

Portable ramps from two to ten feet long have weight capacities up to 800 pounds, while twelve foot ramps have weight capacities up to 600 pounds. Many styles can be folded or separated into smaller sections for easy transport, with each section weighing less than 45 pounds. Smaller ramp sections are perfect for fitting easily into a closet or vehicle.

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