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We cant stop going out for our basic necessities , but what can do is stay as safe as we can and take all the protective measures. The reason for wearing a mask is to protect your face from exposure to germs and viruses. The KN 95 Masks filter at least ninety-five percent of airborne particles.Their design is aimed to achieve a close facial fit for maximum protection. The KN 95 face mask is designed to fit any look.

The KN 95 face masks have five filter function layers which are:

The first layer: It filters the dust of micron

Second layer: Filters industrial pollutants, and automobile exhaust

The third layer: Has a small function to filter dust microns

Fourth layer: Filter small materials

Fifth layer: It filters any harmful material

Features :

Manufactured in Canada

Easy to breathe through


Comfortable Ear Loop

How To Use :

Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask. Use alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and running water.

Do not touch the veil on the front when putting it off since it may be contaminated.

Wash your hand after disposing of the mask.

When To Dispose The Mask:

If you experience any difficulties in breathing through the KN 95 face mask due to extended use or reuse, you should dispose of the mask.

If the KN 95 mask becomes damaged, it should be disposed of immediately.

Caution :

The KN 95 face mask should be disposed of immediately after use. However, if the mask must be reused due to various reasons, it has to be reused by the same person

You Should Not Share the Masks

Do not keep on putting the mask on and off. It should be noted that one of the ways the covid-19 disease spreads is through touching your face

Store the KN 95 Face mask in a Breathable Container When Not in Use

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